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From Save a Child’s Life Foundation:

How can I reduce my melanoma risk?

Water. For healthier, melanoma resistant skin, apply Nature’s Mist all-natural skin moisture (water) before sunscreen, lotion or any other skin application. ( More information…) It is also important to drink eight to ten glasses of pure water a day. Juice, coffee, tear and soft drinks don’t count. Mineral water, vitamin water and flavored water do count (carbonated water contains too much sodium).

To increase awareness about this potentially serious condition, Bio Logic Aqua Research is offering Nature’s Mist as a BRAND NEW special. When you order 1- 2oz. Nature’s Mist, you will receive up to $40 in gifts, including 2 additional Nature’s Mist 2 oz. bottles and a t-shirt from the Save a Child’s Life Foundation. ACT NOW!


Skin Health and…Acid?

Most of the human body is alkaline rather than acidic, and with good reason. Because most water on Earth is alkaline, that is the environment preferred by living organisms on our planet. Unfortunately for us larger organisms, alkalinity is also the preferred environment for most bacteria, both good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Chemists measure alkalinity and acidity on the “pH scale,” which goes from zero (most acidic) to fourteen (most alkaline). Seven, the halfway point, is neutral, neither acidic or alkaline. The easiest way to tell if a substance is acidic or alkaline is to stick a piece of litmus paper in it (the word “litmus” means “colored moss,” even though the active chemical originally came from lichen). Vinegar, which is acidic, will turn litmus paper purple while baking soda dissolved in water will turn it blue. If you don’t have litmus paper, a leaf from a purple cabbage, with the overlying waxy membrane scraped away, will also turn blue in an alkaline solution.

The acid mantle protection barrier

Because acidic pH levels, below seven, tend to retard bacterial growth, the parts of the human body most prone to bacterial invasion are slightly acidic in pH, rather than alkaline. This is true of saliva and of the skin’s surface. A healthy skin surface will have a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. The most acidic portion of your skin, one of the body’s primary defenses against bacterial invasion, is the called the “acid mantle protection barrier.” Since the acid mantle depends on skin moisture to maintain its pH, it is extremely important to your body’s bacterial defense that your skin contains adequate water.

“Good water” versus “Bad water”

Why is mineral content and pH important? Most people do not realize that absolutely pure water, containing ONLY hydrogen and oxygen, is NOT natural. This “distilled water” must be artificially manufactured. While distilled water has many important uses, it is essentially dead, has a neutral pH, and is not particularly good for you. It is the dissolved minerals, present in every natural water on Earth, which transform the sterile combination of hydrogen and oxygen into a living, life sustaining, bio-active organic compound.

The ideal skin water

Because most tap water is alkaline, it is not beneficial to the acid mantle and is not readily absorbed into skin. Although alkaline water can temporarily bloat and waterlog skin, it does not chemically unite with the acidic water bound up in the skin’s internal tissue in the dermis and epidermis. Instead, alkaline water simply evaporates back out within minutes, taking some of the skin’s internal, acidic, semi-bound moisture with it. When alkaline tap water dries on the skin, after a bath for example, it leaves a dehydrating residue that can actually pull water out of the skin. We towel off after a bath or shower because we instinctively know that tap water leaves an uncomfortable, dehydrating film.

Cosmetics, lotions and topical medications intended for application to the skin’s surface are required by United States law to be “pH-balanced,” which means they are required to have a pH similar to the skin’s pH. However, a dried film of alkaline residue between the lotion and your skin can adversely effect both the pH of the application and the pH of the skin’s acid mantle underneath.

Skin-compatible moisture

One way to moisturize skin is by drinking alkaline tap water and waiting for your body to convert it to acidic water and feed it to your skin from the inside out. Your skin obtains much of its water in this manner but the process takes hours and your body gives many other organs precedence over skin.

The fastest and most reliable way to add water to dehydrated skin and improve skin health and acid mantle functioning, is to mist your skin with water that has a skin-compatible pH.

Nature’s Mist® all-natural skin moisturizing water, from Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research, is the only product meeting the dual requirements of skin-compatible pH (6.48) and fine mist application. In a clinical study where one side of the face of several test subjects was misted four times daily with Nature’s Mist® and the other side was misted with alkaline tap water in a Nature’s Mist® bottle, the skin’s basal moisture content, on average, increased after thirty days on the Nature’s Mist® side and actually decreased on the tap water side. Nature’s Mist® applied after bathing and before applying cosmetics, lotions or topical medications; neutralizes alkaline residue,”fixes” the skin’s pH to enhance skin beauty and health, improves faded cosmetic color, and aids absorption of topical medications).

Daily skin care

If Nature’s Mist® is unavailable (it can be ordered here), be sure to drink plenty of water, take long steamy baths or showers, shower quickly after your bath, dry your skin thoroughly after bathing or washing (pat, don’t rub), and apply a skin lotion immediately after bathing. See “Tip of the Month” for a morning skin cleansing program.

In Nature’s Mist®, skin moisturizing water, Sharon Kleyne has discovered a “pure”, mild, natural, pH-correct water that does not leave a dehydrating residue on skin. Her research has documented that this unique water, bottled as it emerges from a natural spring in Oregon, is the ideal natural moisturizer for the human skin.

Hand-Held Emergency First Aid Spray for Eyes AND Skin

Bio Med Wash

  • Eye irrigation
  • Wound wash
  • Chemical decontamination

How will Bio-Med Wash help first responders save lives?

Smoke, heat and dust make it impossible to see. Plumbed eyewash stations require stopping and are intended for single person use. Chemical washes may cause blurred vision, disorientation and allergic reaction.

And now, requested by emergency medical professionals, there is BIO MED WASH.

  • All-natural water wash for eyes, skin and wounds.
  • For dust, smoke, heat, fumes, pepper spray, wounds, burns, skin irritants, etc.
  • Bag-on-valve technology releases pressurized sterile water spray. Remains sterile under unsanitary conditions – even if unit is partially expended.
  • Hand-held trigger grip device, carried in pocket or on belt, may be actuated while running and safely used by multiple individuals!
  • 100% Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade water.
  • Chemical free, non-saline, non-allergenic, no burning eyes or blurred vision.
  • Accessories: Mounting bracket, belt holster, two-canister eye wash station, 15 canister eye wash station, military coloration.
  • Four year shelf-life.
  • Fastest growing first aid device in US and Canada. Major US police departments and US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please contact:

Willem Kleyne, CEO
Bio Logic Aqua Research

A Morning Routine for Beautiful Skin-Nature’s Mist

  1. To minimize exposure to alkaline tap water, daily facial cleansing should be done at the bathroom sink and not in the tub or shower. Ideally, the process should be unrushed and relaxing.
  2. Place a little mild liquid cleanser in the palm of your wet hand and apply sparingly over your facial skin. Do not rub in.
  3. Gently rinse the face five to ten times, with a washcloth compress, in very warm water. Leave skin wet
  4. after rinsing. Pat or press washcloth, do not scrub.
  5. Your skin is an early-warning of poor health, inadequate nutrition and excessive stress. Always watch for
  6. skin changes, which may indicate the need for a lifestyle change or a trip to the doctor.
  7. Finish with a moisture-sealer (lotion or make-up base), to hold in moisture in your skin. To avoid clogging pores, apply skin-care products by placing a small amount on your palm and gently tapping it into your skin with your fingertips. The best moisture-sealers will have a sunscreen SPF of 15 or greater to help prevent skin cancer from solar radiation.


  • If you don’t have time for repeated compresses: after the soap application and one or two rinses, soak a washcloth or hand towel with warm water and make a tent over your face. Leave it there for a minute or two, with eyes opened and breathing deeply. This will moisturize skin, eyes and breathing passages.
  • For best results, apply NATURE’S MIST® all-natural, pH-correct skin moisturizing water on face and body before cleansing, then again after cleansing but before applying the moisture-sealer. The pre-misting opens pores, softens and relaxes skin and helps toxins, dirt and bacteria come to the surface. Misting just prior to applying the moisture-sealer counteracts the negative effects of alkaline tap water.

Bio Med Wash Online Licensing Notice

BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudate from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes.

Interested in distributing Bio Med Wash in other countries?

Exclusive import license offered for distribution of the fastest selling industrial first aid products in the USA and Canada., to the countries of: China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Please contact Willem Kleyne 541-474-0950