What is the EYE?

Your Eyes:
Nature’s Universal Lens

What is the EYE?!

I know what you’re doing right now!
You’re staring at your computer screen (aren’t you?).
And your eyesight is BLURRY!

The Internet
To Adventure Earth’s Information Highway Revolution!

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New Postcard Design!

If you are a Bio-Logic Aqua customer, keep your eyes peeled to your mailbox for our NEW postcard. Hopefully we will begin mailing them out next week. On the back of this new postcard will be specials for the month of July. We hope that you will pass the postcard onto your friends and encourage them to also take advantage of the deals!

June- New Postcard- New Specials

We are very excited to unveil our new postcard artwork. Our design and marketing team put a lot of effort into it, and we hope you like it. Once we have sent out our July mailing we will post the artwork on the blog for everyone to see. If you would like an advance preview, call us and we will add you to the mailing list.

Also coming up are new specials for the month of July.

EcoMall Article

Bio-Logic Aqua Research, of Grants Pass, Oregon, is the only company, worldwide, dedicated exclusively to water research, therapy and technology for health. The company is helping millions of people to overcome the dehydrating health effects of pollution, global warming and the worldwide water crisis. It’s 100% all-natural, pure water, hand-held moisture replacement devices are saving lives around the world.

According to company Founder Sharon Kleyne, water is the basis of all life on Earth and any water crisis must affect health, life and the environment.

Sharon Kleyne is a well-known business entrepreneur, innovator, researcher, activist, lecturer, radio talk show host, charity organizer and water visionary. Her discoveries and about the global crisis in water and health, and the growing need for all-natural moisture replacement, are finally achieving worldwide recognition by the medical community.

In April, 2009, Bio-Logic Aqua was awarded the first ever patent on the technology of applying pure water as an ultra-fine mist for dry eyes. The company also has pending patents in personal hydration and water technology. All products contain 100% Bio-Logic Aqua all-natural tissue culture grade water, the company’s trade secret.

Bio-Logic Aqua’s signature product is Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®. Your eyes are the only exterior body part not protected by skin. Instead, they are protected by a thin, highly complex structure called the “tear film.” Without a healthy tear film, vision is not possible.

The tear film is 99% water. When the air is dry, the very first body part to begin to dry out is the tear film. Nature’s Tears EyeMist is the only product that replaces lost tear film moisture without formulated chemicals, eyelid lifting or discomfort.

Nature’s Mist® is the only product providing all-natural moisture replacement for dry skin. Formulated crèmes and lotions seal in moisture but do not add moisture, and most water is not readily absorbed into the skin surface because of an incorrect pH. Nature’s Mist was proven in double-blind testing to absorb beneficially to the skin’s deepest layers.

Bio Med Wash® is an emergency first aid product. It is the only 100% all-natural eye wash and is the only eye wash that does not cause burning, blurring or disorientation.

Bio-Logic Aqua, a privately held company, has invested enormous intellectual capital in water therapy and all-natural moisturizing in the global water crisis. There is no other company like it in the world.

Sharon Kleyne may be heard weekly on the Sharon Kleyne Hour – Power of Water™ internationally syndicated talk radio show. Go to www.SharonKleyneHour.com for the current show or all past shows.

The Mission of the Research Center and this Blog

Here is a blurb about the center’s mission from the Bio-Logic Aqua website:

“It’s never been done before!
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is the only company, worldwide, to specialize in all-natural tissue culture grade water and hydrotherapy for pharmaceutical application. The company has conducted this groundbreaking research for well over a decade and is committed to a two-fold objective:

1. Understanding the medical benefits of the company’s rare Bio-Logic Aqua® Absolute Premium Standard™ tissue-culture grade of water
2. Developing applications of the water for the benefit of human health in an increasingly dry and polluted environment”.

This Blog started out as a center for eye health education and that continues to be its main purpose. The only change I have made is the name of the blog, from “Dry Eyes and You” to “Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research”. I am going to try to bring more research developments to the attention of our consumers so they can be better educated about our products. Hopefully you will find this information helpful in making healthy choices in your personal environment.

Thank you for your continued interest. 🙂