“It’s never been done before!
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is the only company, worldwide, to specialize in all-natural tissue culture grade water and hydrotherapy for pharmaceutical application. The company has conducted this groundbreaking research for well over a decade and is committed to a two-fold objective:

1. Understanding the medical benefits of the company’s rare Bio-Logic Aqua® Absolute Premium Standard™ tissue-culture grade of water

2. Developing applications of the water for the benefit of human health in an increasingly dry and polluted environment”.

This Blog started out as a center for eye health education and that continues to be its main purpose. The only change I have made is the name of the blog, from “Dry Eyes and You” to “Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research”. I am going to try to bring more research developments to the attention of our consumers so they can be better educated about our products. Hopefully you will find this information helpful in making healthy choices in your personal environment.

Thank you for your continued interest.


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