Bio Logic Aqua® Research & OSU Professor of Hydrogeology Agree on Water Evaporation

Bio Logic Aqua® Research Incubates IP Evaluating Human Body Water Vapor Loss. ‘Aqua Doc’ Campana & Kleyne Watch Rising & Falling Rivers while Studying Water Evaporation.

Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, a new technology water evaporation research center founded by research director Sharon Kleyne, has an ally in studying the global water and water evaporation crisis. Dr. Michael Campana, known affectionately as ‘Aqua Doc’, Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management & Technical Director of the American Water Resources Association, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, is studying rivers in the Northwest. Kleyne in her research has noted for years that rivers are not as high as they have been or should be and that this fact confirms that water evaporation is out of control. Aqua Doc agrees.

“Without proper hydration,” Kleyne says, “one cannot live a long or healthy life.” That is why the research center at Bio Logic Aqua® Research, since its inception, has focused exclusively on incubating technology IP values worldwide to evaluate human body water vapor loss and healthy ways to live with the earth’s life-giving water atmosphere. “No one else on the planet does what we do at our research center,” says Kleyne, who has overseen production of unique technology, developing products for supplementation of body water lost due to excessive evaporation. The new water technology is extensively market-tested for eventual sale and licensing worldwide.

Of course, one speaks here of the new water technology and valuable IP that is Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® and Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, consisting of 100 percent Trade Secret tissue culture grade pure water. No dry skin and dry eye product in the world provides such long-lasting relief or is easier to apply for maximum absorption. Neither product contains additives of chemicals and may be applied as many times a day as one chooses.

Though the future of water flowing in the teeth of a global water crisis made much worse by mismanagement at all levels of life, climate change and its attendant global warming, Campana has not lost hope. “We can make ourselves sick with pessimism,” Campana says. He bases his guarded on students who are more aware and more dedicated than ever to health and the wellbeing of others. “I’m impressed with the students coming through the educational system these days,” says Campana, “They’re intelligent and engaged. They ask, ‘how can I help others meet their need for water?’”

Campana also cites an important shift in education over the last fifty years. When Aqua Doc attended school in the early seventies, for instance, the focus was on how much water could be taken out of a river for human needs. Today, the focus is on how much water we have to keep in the river to preserve ecosystems as well as meet human needs.

“We must wake up to the fact that everything is technology,” adds Kleyne. “The planet is telling us its secrets,” says Kleyne, “and we need to incubate our knowledge and listen. We need to act for the sake of the children everywhere.”


If you would like to listen to Aqua Doc, Dr. Michael Campana, Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management at Oregon State University and Technical Director of the American Water Resources Association talk about the world’s water crisis, health, water management and new water technology with Health Olympics creator and children’s advocate Sharon Kleyne, follow this link:

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