Dry Eye Researcher Sharon Kleyne Discovers No Two Eyes Are Alike

Learning about Water & Water Vapor Evaporation Is Beautiful & Healthy Says Sharon Kleyne. Sharon Kleyne Encourages Everyone To Learn More about Dry Eye & Water Evaporation.

“Learning is a beautiful thing,” says internationally recognized water researcher Sharon Kleyne, founder and research director of Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon. “But just as there are no two eyes alike,” Kleyne reminds everyone, “there is no cookie-cutter way to learn or teach, especially when it comes to teaching and learning about body water vapor evaporation, dry eye and evaporation of earth’s life-giving water atmosphere.”

“Without water, we die,” says Health Olympics founder Kleyne, who is recognized by scientists, physicians, ophthalmologists, teachers and authors around the world as one of the most respected global water evaporation and dry eye researchers. Kleyne explains that the health Olympics is a lifestyle for people who become proactive about their health. These people freely admit their ignorance and want to learn more than they know about the natural process of water evaporation of the body and the atmosphere. “People are evaporating all the time,” says Kleyne. “It’s a non-stop process that begins at inception when one is a smudge of matter in a watery pocket (a mother’s womb).” Kleyne teaches that as fetuses grow and develop, they exist on nutrient-rich water generated by mother-bodies. The moment the baby exits the womb and is born to a water-rich atmosphere, the process of evaporation begins and continues until the end of life. “We are water,” Kleyne says over and over. “We’re a walking, breathing sponge. We cannot live without water; without the water vapor in the air, we cannot breathe, and without drinking water, humanity cannot survive. Let’s give our children, who are ever curious when someone takes the time to mentor them, a chance to lead us to new water policies and new water sanity.”

Kleyne vigorously speaks out against the apathy about water vapor evaporation that plagues American children (and everyone else) by calling on grade school, middle school, high school and college teachers to pledge at least three semester hours each term to in-depth discussions about the history—present and future—of water.

In that spirit, Kleyne pledges Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® support in the form of printed reports and scientific findings covering evaporation of earth’s and the body’s water vapor and the need to regularly supplement them with 100 percent tissue culture grade water. Kleyne also announces that Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® staff and colleagues among researchers and scientists will make themselves available for personal appearances at schools to talk about water technology and water research with faculty and students.

Kleyne encourages everyone to become better educated about water and the true state of what she and other experts agree is a global water emergency. For those who persist in maintaining an apathetic attitude, Kleyne warns that they may dry out and die! Kleyne cites one chilling statistic that should terrify the know-it-all doubters. “If you need more convincing to become better educated about water,” said Kleyne, “I ask you to consider this: in the past twenty years, diarrhea caused by unsanitary water has killed more children than all the people lost to armed conflict since World War II.” The dire effects of body water evaporation and earth water vapor evaporation also causes dry eye that can lead to blindness, melanoma, allergies, skin rashes and a host of other diseases

Kleyne posits that two things must happen to turn our global water crisis around. “First,” she says, “we need new water technology to reduce the amount of fresh groundwater that runs out to sea. This immense quantity of water would be put to better use as drinking water and irrigation water. “Second,” Kleyne says, “we must create international, national and regional water plans that suggest and monitor pricing and offer beneficial water use and availability for everyone.”

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