Sharon Kleyne Educates World About Body Water Evaporation

Talk Radio Host Sharon Kleyne Discovers Long-Lasting Relief from Dry Eye & Dry Skin. Health Olympics Advocate Sharon Kleyne Takes the Dry out of Eye with Pure Water Supplement.

Sharon Kleyne, founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, has earned an international reputation as the global expert on dehydration of the eyes and skin due to excessive evaporation of the body’s water vapor. In the process, she invented Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, which provides a pure fresh water, patented micron-size mist applied to the eyes with a personal, portable, hand-held humidifier to soothe dry eye complaints. But she couldn’t have done it without her dedicated colleagues at Bio Logic Aqua® Research and guest scientists, researchers, physicians and educators from around the world.

According to Bio Logic Aqua® Research’s Kleyne, America’s leading water technology and body water evaporation educator and researcher, there are two best ways to combat body water vapor loss due to over-evaporation, but underlying both procedures is a proactive understanding of water evaporation and moisture loss. Grasping these essentials qualifies you for membership and participation in Kleyne’s and Bio Logic Aqua® Research’s Health Olympics.

But first, what is body water vapor loss due to over-evaporation? It’s simple! Everybody begins life in a pocket of water. When a baby emerges from that pocket of water, the natural lifelong process of evaporation begins. The body is always evaporating, and that is why it is essential that one supplement and replenish body water lost to evaporation several times a day with pure water. Without a well-hydrated body, it is impossible to participate well in life’s Health Olympics.

Kleyne, also host of the talk radio program, the internationally syndicated weekly The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature’s Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica produced by Rose Hong, founder/director of Global Dragon TV in Washington, D.C., has declared a war of education about dry eye symptoms.

“Dry, red, itching, burning, gritty, scratchy and eye allergies,” says Kleyne, “are common symptoms of dry eye, a water loss of the eyes that represents a massive public health crisis worldwide that can lead to blindness. In the United States,” Kleyne instructs, “dry eye symptoms are the #1 reason for eye doctor visits. The best way to avoid dry eye is to become educated on the subject.”

Although dry eye symptoms constitute the number one complaint heard by eye doctors everywhere, the majority of people experiencing symptoms (which is nearly everyone) seldom go to a doctor. Only when symptoms interfere with their lives do individuals seek medical advice and help. Whether you see the doctor or not, it is important to be aware that symptoms such as itching, burning, scratchy or gritty eyes, eye allergies, inability to tolerate contact lenses, and eye discomfort associated with computer and television use often signals a potentially serious dry eye problem and other eye maladies.

Kleyne at Bio Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® effectively teaches that water in our bodies, eyes and skin is the first line of defense against disease. Kleyne and Bio Logic Aqua® Research suggest the following for avoiding dry eye discomfort:

1. Avoid rubbing the eyes
2. Wash hands frequently
3. Drink 8 to 10 full glasses of pure water each day, in addition to all other fluid intake.
4. Open windows occasionally to let in fresh, humid air, free of re-circulated bacteria-laden skin particles.
5. In home or office, arrange for 40% to 50% relative humidity* at 65 to 70 degrees.
6. Treat yourself to frequent long, soothing baths and/or showers.
7. Make a ritual of daily facial cleansing

“We at Bio Logic Aqua® Research educate people around the world about the consequences of dry eye, dry skin and the growing global water crisis,” says Kleyne. “I also warn them about the health dangers associated with dehydration due to excess evaporation of the earth’s water vapor.” This is how Kleyne leads the way in educating and guiding people to proactive healthy lives in her Health Olympics lifestyle.

“Get educated,” says Kleyne, “and let’s take the dry out of eye once and for all!”

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